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Saturday, December 7, 2019

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Richard Greene
Bingham Farms, Michigan

Middle of the road "Luke Warmers" get run over by traffic on both sides !

"Luke Warmers" 
are people who 
believe burning 
fossil fuels causes 
moderate global 

That seems reasonable,
but actual experience
has been different.

In the past 80
years of burning 
fossil fuels, we have
had global cooling 
(1940 to 1975),
global warming
(1975 to 2005),
and a flat trend
(2005 to mid-2015).

Luke Warmers
believe global
is a problem.

They fail to notice
global warming 
has been in progress 
since the 1690s, 
with no problems at all.

Luke Warmers
believe something 
must be done 
to reduce the 
CO2 emissions.

Actually, nothing 
has to be done, 
because adding 
CO2 to the air,
with modern 
pollution controls,
benefits our planet
by increasing the 
growth of green
plants used for food.

Luke Warmers
also believe the
"coming climate 
crisis" beliefs 
the problem.

But they jump to
the conclusion 
that having more 
CO2 in the air 
is a problem.

Luke warmers 
caution against 
any rush to 
stop burning 
fossil fuels,
but they 
do want 
to eventually
eliminate them.

That's a 
goal -- the 
world economy
is built upon 
a foundation
of inexpensive,

No one in their right
mind would want to 
destroy a reliable
energy system
that works well, 
at a reasonable price, 
to build an expensive, 
inconsistent wind and 
solar energy system.

The Luke Warmers'
middle of the road 
position seems 
very reasonable, 
at first. 

A polite compromise.

But after you 
carefully think 
about their message, 
revealed through their 
speaking and writing, 
Luke Warmers 
are just trying to 
"revise" climate 
alarmist predictions. 

Luke Warmers
"play it safe",
which is boring
and not persuasive.

Luke Warmers 
want to debate
about how bad 
carbon dioxide is, 
and how bad the 
future climate 
will be. 

Wanting to debate 
climate science 
is commendable, 
but Luke Warmers 
don't seem to realize
climate alarmists 
rarely debate.

Even if they start
to debate, alarmists
will soon declare 
the climate
science is settled, 
quote some study
conclusion (the 
smarter ones),  
and then ridicule
and character attack
the Luke Warmers.

"Leftist" and "polite"
are two words that
do not fit together !

Leftists are a
ngry people,
especially after 
Trump won 
the 2016 election,
who throw tantrums
when they don't get
their way.

Leftists consider 
any disagreement
to be "hate speech".

With one exception,
they won't change 
their minds, admit
to being wrong, or
apologize for their 
character attacks.

For example:
The false, no evidence
claim, that Donald Trump
colluded with Russians,
is three years old -- 
with not one leftist 
apology for the ch
false charge.

In fact, they seem
to still believe it !

The one exception 
is that leftists will
change their minds
to move further left.

Luke Warmers 
will treat the
climate alarmists
as if they are just 
misguided people, 
who need to be 
gently "corrected".

In reality, climate
alarmists are 
science denying 
zealots, a secular
religious cult.

They are desperate
for more government 
powers to control 
people's lives, 
and even how 
they think.

Climate alarmists 
often dismiss the 
Luke Warmers 
in seconds,
with their illogical

That so called 
"Principle" leads to 
the claim that people 
MUST act quickly, 
on the assumption 
that CO2 is an evil gas.

The precautionary 
principle claims: 
" Everyone must do
everything we say, 
because we know
that we are right 
... and 
everyone must do 
everything we say,
even though 
we may be wrong,
because there is no 
time for more study.
We MUST act now ! "

Only a fool would 
believe that self
serving "principle" !

The precautionary 
principle is based on 
the logical fallacy of 
circular reasoning, 
but leftists love it, 
because it supports 
their political goals.

Some Luke Warmers 
are scientists, and
sometimes climate

Perhaps scientists 
who have been 
verbally attacked 
in the past by 
climate alarmists.

Those attacks 
make people 
very cautious, 
and then they 
may react by 
"playing it safe" 
on the subject 
of climate science. 

A scientist
who has a job
or a business
related to science, 
could be financially 
harmed if he made
statements about 
climate alarmism 
that upset superiors 
at work, or potential 
business customers.

as a result 
of those outside 
pressures, Luke 
Warmers play 
it safe. 

Which means their 
writing and speeches 
won't get much attention, 
and won't change minds. 

Luke Warmers
fail miserably
to change minds,
-- They do not fight back.

-- They have no passion.

-- By trying to be 
polite, reasonable,
and cautious (boring)
the result is that 
almost no one 
listens to the 
Luke Warmers.

That's not 
good enough, 
considering that
Luke Warmer 
start off with
great science

What Luke Warmers
seem to forget, and
climate alarmists
never knew, is that
no one can predict
the future climate.

Predictions in the past 
50 years have ranged 
from 2x to 4x more 
warming than 
actually happened.

A few scientists even 
predicted a coming 
global cooling crisis,
in the mid-1970s !

We don't need more 
wrong climate change

Because we 
already have 
325 years 
of experience
with actual 
global warming, 
since the 1690s,
of very roughly 
+2 degrees C.

We also have 
over 100 years 
of experience 
with adding CO2 
to the atmosphere.

Luke Warmers do not 
discuss PAST global 
warming, which was real. 

They join the climate 
alarmists in speculating 
about what might happen 
in the FUTURE. 

The leftist fantasy 
is always about 
rapid, dangerous 
FUTURE warming, 
completely unrelated 
to slow, harmless 
PAST global warming !

There is no 
real science 
to support 
anything more 
radical than 
a prediction 
of mild, harmless 
global warming 
in the future, 
just like we had
in the past.

Actual warming 
in the past has 
actually been 
beneficial, making 
our planet warmer than
in the cold centuries
of the Little Ice Age,
and also 'greening' 
the planet'.

In fact, the climate now
is the best it has been 
for humans and outdoor 
animals since the 
slightly warmer 
Holocene Optimum, 
from 9,000 to 5,000 
years ago.

The current climate
is even better for plants,
from having more CO2 
"plant fertilizer" in the air.

The climate on this 
planet does not get 
much better than 
it is now for humans.

One or two 
degrees C. warmer 
would be better, 
and hopefully 
we will get there 
in 100 to 200 years.

The next major 
climate change, 
is most likely 
to be a change 
that really 
matters --
the end of the 
current, warm

Then people can 
look forward to
80,000 - 90,000 years 
of a climate growing
colder, ending with 
nearly all of Canada 
under a thick ice 
glacier again. 

After the
ends, I believe
today's global 
warming will be 
viewed as the 
"good old days".

Anyone can speculate 
about the future climate, 
and many people do .

They speculate  
the future climate 
will be a "crisis", 
and have predicted 
that crisis for 
many decades !

Starting with
Roger Revelle, 
in 1957 !

A climate crisis
that's always 
but never 
shows up,
should not 
be believed !

The warming 
of our planet 
has been mild, 
and the warming
has mainly affected 
the high northern
latitudes (Arctic), 
mainly during the 
coldest six months 
of the year, and 
mainly at night.

Is it really an 
"existential crisis" 
because Alaska 
is now warmer 
than it used to be ?

No, that's good news !

Who has been hurt 
by the past 325 years 
of global warming ?

No one !

Has any prediction 
of doom, from 
the various
alarmist groups, 
ever been right, 
since the first 
one I know of -- 
the DDT scare 
in the early 
1960's ?

Not one !

I don't have 
to play safe,
when talking 
about the 
leftist climate 

I'm not worried 
about my job,
or my business.

I've been retired 
for 15 years, so 
I don't have a job 
to "protect". 

I want to rock the boat, 
because the coming 
climate change "crisis" 
is the biggest science 
fraud in the history 
of our planet. 

I won't sit quietly 
and ignore climate
alarmists who are
demanding to 
remake our 
United States 
for a $93 trillion 
(over ten years)
New Green (or)Deal. 

A Green (or)Deal 
that spends most 
of the it's money
on new social 
programs, unrelated 
to reducing
CO2 emissions !

Sitting quietly, 
and doing nothing ,
would make me 
just as evil as 
leftist climate 

Climate alarmists 
are seeking
the power 
to control
your life, 
while falsely
'they are trying 
to save the planet 
for the children.'

The imaginary, dangerous 
global warming they have 
been predicting since 1957,
stated with great confidence,
has brainwashed most

Of course leftists always
see bad news coming 
in the future, and they
are never happy with 
the present, so they 
were very susceptible 
to a science-denying 
climate change religion.

Richard Greene
December 7, 2019
Bingham Farms, Michigan  USA