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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The US Surface Temperature record (USHCN) is now science fraud -- The percentage of fake data is up 500% in the past 30 years

I held back 
on using the term 
"science fraud" 
until the 50% 
fake data level 
was exceeded 
this year !

The US is supposed to have the
best surface weather stations
in the world, yet a large majority
of numbers in the US average 
temperature are fake numbers
-- estimates made by 
computer models, 
programmed by
smarmy bureaucrats
who want to see more 
and more global warming,
in their temperature record.

The smarmy government
bureaucrat "scientists"
have turned 
measured cooling
into reported warming. 

The US public is led to believe 
temperature charts they see 
are based on thermometer data.

We are being deceived !

Almost all US warming 
since 1990 is due to fake data 
from computer models.

The fake data are about 
two degrees warmer 
than the measured 
adjusted data.  

The percentage of fake data 
is up 500% in the past 30 years.

Chart 1 below,
since 1880:
The royal blue line
on the chart shows
the five year average 
of the MEASURED 
raw average annual 
temperature at all 
NOAA United States 
Historical Climatology 
Network Stations.  

The red line shows numbers 
NOAA reports to the public.

The combination 
of fake and real data,
included in the red line,
shows warming 
that does not exist 
in the royal blue line 
of only MEASURED 
thermometer data:

Chart 1a below 
shows the temperature 
difference between 
Chart 1's red line 
and blue line
since 1880.

Chart 2 below
since 1990:
The red linefrom 1990
is the combination of 
fake data and real data
that NOAA shows the public,
and the blue line, from 1990
is real data (actual measurements),
but after adjustments:

Chart 2a below
shows the temperature 
difference between 
Chart 2's red line 
and Chart 2's blue line
since 1990:

Chart 2b below:
shows the percentage 
of fake computer model estimates,
rather than measured thermometer data,
which keeps increasing, 
spiking to 61% 
in early 2019:
( to the right, on the chart ),  
Source: In their monthly temperature data, 
NOAA marks estimated ( not measured ) 
temperatures with a capital “E.” :

Chart 2c below:
shows that when
plotted versus atmospheric CO2
growth, the "adjustments"
suspiciously match the 
global warming theory,
that government bureaucrats
have predicted, and must believe in 
to get, and keep, their jobs: