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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

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February 16, 2021

The purpose
of this climate
science and
energy blog
is to promote
facts about
our planet's
climate and
energy use.

-- I avoid the many
climate fantasies:
the wild guesses
of the future

You can get that
"climate astrology"
from the mainstream
will wonder
in bemused
that the early
21st century’s
developed world
went into an
hysterical panic ...
on the basis of
gross exaggerations
of highly uncertain
computer projections
... and proceeded
to contemplate
a roll-back of
the industrial age.”
Richard Lindzen Ph.D.
- MIT professor of
atmospheric science

-- Government
bureaucrats have
consistently predicted
more than double
the global warming
(+0.40 degrees C. per decade)
that actually happened,
(+0.17 degrees C. per decade)
based on the average
computer climate model
( for the 40-year period
of satellite observations,
from 1979 to 2019 ).

-- Actual warming
since the 1970s
has been mainly
in colder areas,
mainly during
the colder months
of the year, and
mainly at night.

Think of warmer
winter nights
in Siberia!

-- Reliable 
sources of 
electric power
should NOT
be replaced,
at great expense,
with solar and wind,
which are
two unreliable
and intermittent
sources of
electric power.

Switching to
solar panels and
bird shredders,
would require
the greatest
expansion of mining
and manufacturing
in human history. 

Inspiration for me
writing three blogs
came mainly from
Benjamin Franklin:
"If you would
not be forgotten,
as soon as
you are dead,
write something
worth reading,
or do something
worth writing (about) "

Richard Greene,

  since 1953

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My favorite song
     this week:

"The Vampires"
by Paul Simon

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Always hoping
that Michigan
gets more warming,
so we can retire our
snow shovels !