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Thursday, March 25, 2021

My third climate rap today -- The two minute climate science 101 lesson

Most people believe the 60+ year old claim that a climate crisis is coming, not realizing a coming climate crisis is just a prediction, not a fact. A prediction that has been 100 percent wrong for over 60 years !

Three simple climate science points:

'A climate crisis is coming' has been predicted since 1957, starting with oceanographer Roger Revelle, and we have been waiting 64 years, while the actual climate keep getting better.


Warming since the mid-1970s most affected colder areas, mainly in the winter, and mainly at night. Think of warmer winter nights in Siberia.

We have all been living with global warming since the mid-1970s, and it has been harmless to people, while the extra CO2 in the atmosphere benefits plants, greening the planet, and

(3) Since the 1970s, climate alarmists have used climate models that predicted the rate of carbon dioxide growth should be causing more than twice as much warming, as actually happened.


And they still make the same prediction.

The same CO2 growth rate input, as in the past 45 years, but a very different average temperature outputs. 

For 40 years that prediction has been wrong, and there is no logical reason to believe it will ever be right.