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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Tuesday morning climate rap

 No one denies climate change.

And climate change "skeptics" are not  a united group, with one common belief. 

Without having survey data, I would guess that most skeptics assume humans have some effect on the climate.

Skeptics do not believe in runaway global warming, fueled by an imaginary water vapor positive feedback, that triples the expected global warming from CO2 alone.

A positive feedback like that that would have ended almost all life on this planet millions of years ago, if it really existed.

So the main difference between skeptics and climate alarmists, is that alarmists are believers, while skeptics demand evidence and proof, which does not exist.

Climate alarmists always "see" climate doom ahead, and this illogical fear appears to have started with oceanographer Roger Revelle in 1957, based on my research.

Skeptics point to actual global warming since the mid-1970s, and note that it was mild and harmless.

Actual global warming in the past 45 years was nothing like the rapid, dangerous warming that climate alarmists have been predicting for the past 64 years.

It is human nature to fear that there is danger "around every corner" -- that instinct is what kept cavemen alive.

The fear of the future climate worries many people so much that they fail to enjoy the best climate on our planet for humans, animals and plants, since the 1600s.

They are not smart people.

They are climate alarmists.

"Skeptics" are too busy enjoying our wonderful climate, to worry about an  imaginary climate crisis -- they are smart people.

The correct answer to the many questions about the future climate is:

"No one knows, and no one has ever demonstrated any ability to make correct long term climate predictions. It will get warmer, unless it gets colder".