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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Tuesday morning climate rap: Ever changing historical temperature data = science fraud, or just incompetence?

Evidence of science fraud, or incompetence, in the global average, and US average, temperature statistics:

(1) Failure to reveal that pre-1920 numbers for the Southern Hemisphere are mainly guesses, not measurements, especially before 1900. The "global" statistic should be labelled as "Northern Hemisphere only" prior to 1920, as it used to be long ago, but is no longer:

(2) Repeated "adjustments" to the temperature numbers almost always creating a steeper global warming, or US warming, trend. For two examples:

(a) !941 to 1970 global cooling "revisions":
Reported by NCAR in 1974 as almost  -0.6 degrees C. cooling, which allowed a few scientists to falsely claim a coming global cooling crisis.

Reported by NASA currently (V4)  as only -0.05 degrees C. cooling, from 1940 to 1970:
(b) RSS historical global average temperature satellite data reported in 2015, versus what was reported 2016

-- RSS in 2015:
Global cooling trend from 2001 to mid-2014

In 2016 RSS announced 'NEVER MIND what we've told you for past 13 years', but we wrote a paper, so you can trust our new numbers.

-- RSS in 2021 (after 2016 "revisions"): 
 Global warming trend from 2001 to mid-2014
(3) Changing the hottest year in the US, using "adjustments" made over 60 years later:

The hottest year in the US had been 1936. Hotter than 1998. But with less CO2 in 1936, that did not fit the global warming narrative. So the 1930s were later "cooled down" enough to make 1998 the hottest year.

No US state set a maximum temperature record in 1998
1998 -- US states with all time heat records = none of 50
1930's -- US states with all time heat records = 22 of 50

(4) The Michael Mann "hockey stick" chart.
-- Used by the IPCC to claim a steady global average temperature for a long time -- no Little Ice Age, for example) until man made CO2 emissions changed everything ... then the chart was dropped from the next IPCC report, like a hot potato.

Reasons: Two completely different data sources were used to create a desired global warming narrative. The climate proxy was not appropriate for temperature reconstructions (a small sample, also affected by rainfall), and did NOT show the "desired" global warming in the 20th century. So tree ring data were truncated, without revealing that fact, and real time temperature observations (measurements) were substituted.