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Friday, February 19, 2021

Thank you for 81,000 page views

February 19, 2021
After a record month
in January 2021,
with over 4,000 page views,
February 2021 is even busier,
with over 5,000 page views so far.

Why are more people interested?

I suspect the cold weather has made
more people interested in reading
about global warming. And this blog
may be one of the few places online
where global warming is celebrated,
and more CO2 in the atmosphere
is wanted. Those conclusions are
based on real science, and 45 years
of experience with global warming,
since the 1970s. We've all been
living with global warming for 
most of our lives. 
I avoid the usual always wrong
predictions of the future climate. 
Wild guesses are not real science.
You can get "climate astrology"
from the mainstream media.

The purpose of this climate science
and energy blog is to promote facts
about our planet's climate and
energy use ... not fantasies of 
a coming global warming crisis
... that we have been hearing
for the past 50 years, and will
probably be hearing for the
next 50 years !

“Future generations will wonder
in bemused amazement
that the early 21st century’s
developed world went into
an hysterical panic ...
on the basis of
gross exaggerations
of highly uncertain
computer projections
... and proceeded
to contemplate
a roll-back of
the industrial age.”
Richard Lindzen Ph.D. 
MIT professor of atmospheric science
Richard Greene,
  since 1953
  since 1965
My favorite song
     this week:
"Les Affaires"
by Fatal Mambo
Please listen using speakers with decent bass output, not computer "squeakers" 
  since 1973
State University
of New York,
at Albany,
Stern School
of Business,
at New York
Editor of
a finance
from 1977
to 2020
( "Economic Logic" )
Living in
Bingham Farms,
  since 1987
Retired since 2005
Editor of the
Economic Logic Blog,
  since 2008, now at:
Editor of this
Honest Global
Warming Chart Blog,
  since 2014
Editor of the
Election Circus
politics blog,
  since 2016
Always hoping
that Michigan
gets more warming,
so we can retire our
snow shovels !
For your entertainment, I've include six photos taken in, and from, our living roomThat's me banging on my "Salvation Army" drums.  I specialize in random rhythms -- probably closer to noise, than actual music.  That's me selecting one of 2,000 compact discs to play on my stereo.  The Bingham Farms deer are just outside of our living room -- our most frequent visitors in this COVID age.  My wife, the outdoors gardener, affectionately calls them "those  &@#%  deer".  The two 'girls' in the next to last photo are my wife, on the right, with eyeglasses, and her sister. Followed by a photo of our black cat Mr. Sneaky, who, like his Dad, specializes in eating and sleeping.