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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Lot's of Colorado snow last week in June -- probably not in your newspapers -- doesn't fit the global warming narrative !

Did you hear about this 
unusual amount of snowfall
in June ?

Probably not, but you heard
about the temporary heat wave 
in Europe

"Snow started falling 
in the Rocky Mountains 
the morning of 
Friday, June 21, 2019, 
and continued Sunday." 

"Areas west of Denver
Grand Lake, Aspen
and Steamboat Springs
—experienced snow storms 
on summer solstice, 
with snowfall totaling 
nearly 2 feet at the 
highest elevations, 
CBS Denver reports."

" Steamboat Springs, 
a ski resort town in Colorado’s 
Yampa Valley, accumulated 
20 inches of snow on 
the longest day of the year."

" The average snowfall for 
Steamboat Springs in June 
is 0.1 inches."

"Prior to last Friday, 
it had been 91 years 
since a snowstorm 
hit the city in late June."