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Saturday, August 24, 2019

The CO2 - Global Average Temperature Correlation Keeps Changing

Despite a consistent rise 
in atmospheric CO2 
over the past 150 years, 
there were periods 
of global warming,
and there were periods 
of global cooling.

The two largest warming 
periods in those 150 years
were between 
1910 and 1945, and
1975 and 2005.

The temperature changes 
were similar, despite a CO2 
increase from 1975 to 2005
that was five times larger 
than the CO2 increase 
from 1910 to 1945.

You don't have to go back
many years to refute the 
climate alarmist claim that 
CO2 levels "control" the 
global average temperature.

The correlation between
CO2 and temperature
keeps changing !

Climate alarmists 
can not explain 
this changing 
CO2 - Temperature

1910 to 1945:
CO2 up +10 ppm
Temperature up +0.5 degrees C.

1946 to 1974
CO2 up +20 ppm
Temperature DOWN (-0.15_ degrees C.

1975 to 2005
CO2 up +50 ppm
Temperature up +0.6 degrees C.

CO2/temperature relationship violations 
in the modern record chart data sources: 
Global temperature (HadCRUT4) 
and CO2 ppm (Law Dome ice core and 
Mauna Loa observations).